Kay's Honey BBQ Wings

November 18, 2016 By: Comments
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30 minutes
1 hour
Seasoned and floured wings fried then covered in my homemade honey bbq sauce. It's a family favorite and perfect for any occasion.


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  1. First rinse your chicken wings then heat your canola oil. Secondly get a big mixing bowl then put your flour and seasonings in the bowl. Third mix the flour and seasonings together then place your wings in the bowl cover them completely.Fourth fry wings until golden brown.
  2. Next to make the sauce. Get a big bowl add your ketchup, mustard, sugar, brown sugar and honey together. Mix all ingredients together.Then place your sauce in a sauce pan and cook until all ingredients have desolved.
  3. Last step is to place your wings in a baking dish. Then pour the bbq sauce over the wings until completely covered. Then place in oven keep on warm until ready to serve. Then enjoy!!