Make-Ahead Margarita Watermelon Slices

June 22, 2021 By: Comments
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10 minutes (plus 1 hour refrigeration)
0 Minutes
Watermelon is one of those fruits that we just can’t wait to bite into when it’s in season. And while refreshing, juicy slices of fresh watermelon are a great snack for both kids and adults alike, this recipe is just for the grown-ups. This summer, bring together the beloved sweet melon with a popular cocktail – margaritas. That’s right! This is a recipe for margarita-infused watermelon slices that’s perfect for vacations, staycations or summer holidays, like the Fourth of July.


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  1. Arrange the watermelon slices on a baking sheet in a single layer.
  2. Mix together the tequila, triple sec and lime juice in a medium bowl. Spoon the mixture over each slice of watermelon and pour the remaining liquid onto the baking sheet.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and refrigerate for at least 1 hour or overnight.
  4. Dip the tips of the watermelon slices into salt for garnish.