Mashed Red Potatoes

November 21, 2016 By: Comments
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5 minutes
25 minutes
An herby, colorful twist on a classic potato side dish.


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  1. In a large pot, boil washed potatoes (not not remove skin).
  2. Once cooked (about 20 minutes, or until you can stick a knife easily through), drain and place directly into mixing bowl. You can use a stand-up mixer, or do it by hand, using a sturdy spatula.
  3. Gently mash potatoes to break them up. Do not over mash.
  4. Add in butter and sour cream and gently continue mashing together. If you're using a stand up mixer, blend for about 20 seconds on the lowest speed.
  5. Add in the salt, pepper and herbs. Mix again. Should look lumpy. Serve immediately