Mini Santa Hat Christmas Pancakes

November 20, 2018 By:
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10 minutes
5 minutes
12 Santa Hats
These pancakes are super cute, festive, and fun to eat! They look just like Santa Hats, so they're sure to put a twinkle in everyone's eyes this Christmas.


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  1. Stack three pancakes or waffles and place a dollop of whipped cream or Cool Whip on the top pancake/waffle.
  2. Place a strawberry on top (flat-side down) and allow the whipped cream to squeeze out around the edges (this creates the fur brim of the hat).
  3. Slide a toothpick into the center and down through the stack of pancakes/waffles, leaving about a ¼-inch of toothpick exposed.
  4. Affix a mini marshmallow on the very top.
  5. Use powdered sugar to dust over the entire “hat” because Santa has been out in the snow! Optional: serve with warm maple syrup