Mint Infused Arnold Palmer Tea

November 22, 2016 By: Comments
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3 hours
5 minutes
What could be more refreshing on a hot July 4th than a cold glass of iced tea? A mint infused Arnold Palmer prepared with lemonade ice cubes makes a great beverage even better. The lemonade ice cubes and slices of fresh lemon keep the tea lemonized but without making it too sweet. Serve these in Mason jars for an extra helping of charm.


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  1. Fill ice cube trays with lemonade. While ice cubes are freezing, place three family sized tea bags in a pitcher and place on a window sill or a table near a window. When tea has become dark enough, remove tea bags and discard them. (Note: Do not squeeze liquid from bags or the tea will take on a bitter flavor.)
  2. Refrigerate tea and wait for ice cubes to freeze. Once they have frozen, wash and slice fresh lemons leaving the skin on, into round slices thick enough to rest on the lip of the glass.
  3. Fill glasses with tea and lemonade ice cubes. Add a splash of lemonade for sweetness and garnish with a slice of lemon in the glass and another on the side of the glass for presentation.
  4. Add a sprig of mint and serve immediately. (Tip: For more mint flavor, muddle a few mint leaves in the bottom of the glass prior to pouring in the tea.)
  5. * Prep time 3-4 hours due to time for lemonade ice cubes to freeze.