Mr. T's Easy Baby Back Ribs

November 22, 2016 By: Comments
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30 minutes
3 hours
2-4 People
Baby back ribs are super easy to prepare at home in the oven. This rib recipe takes a little time, but slow cooking pork ribs is always a tasty idea. The oven does the real work, and you'll be up to your elbows in moist, delicious baby back ribs.


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  1. Take your ribs out of the fridge and let them sit for about 15 minutes. Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. While the ribs sit, make your rub. Tasty oven baby back ribs require a generous rub. Use the ingredients I have listed above--or make your own with your favorite seasonings. I used to put brown sugar in my rub, but I don't anymore; I find that the BBQ sauce makes the ribs more than sweet enough for my taste, but use a little brown sugar in your rub if you like.
  2. Before applying the rub, remove the filmy skin from the bone side of the rack. Using a knife, cut the thin membrane away from the bone at the narrow end of the rack. Lift the silvery skin away from the bone and pull it off in a long strip. This step only takes a moment and it will help your ribs to reach their maximum flavor potential!
  3. Now generously apply the rub to the entire surface of the rack --top, bottom and sides. Wrap the ribs tightly in aluminum foil and place bone side up on a baking pan.
  4. Slide the ribs into the oven at 250 degrees and let them cook for 2½ hours.
  5. After 2½ hours, remove the ribs from the oven. Raise oven temperature to 350 degrees F. Carefully remove the foil from the ribs and drain the liquid from the pan. Place the ribs on a baking rack, meat side down. Generously apply BBQ sauce to the bone side and along the edges of the rack. Bake ribs for 10 minutes.
  6. Turn the rack over so that the bone side is down, and generously apply BBQ sauce to the meat side, and edges. Bake an additional 10 minutes.