Open Faced Southwest Pimento Cheeseburger

November 21, 2016 By: Comments
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20 minutes
20 minutes
The biggest mistake home cooks make when preparing a pimento cheese burger is topping it with a bun, which results in all that melted goodness slipping out when you bite into it. This open faced Southwestern-style burger delivers a creamy bite of pimento cheese in every forkful. Prepared with peppers you roast yourself, cool avocado and a sweet bun, make sure everyone comes to the table hungry.


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  1. Set toaster oven on broil. Drench pepper in oil and set atop a piece of tin foil. Place under the broiler as close to the heat as possible. Let broil until pepper begins to bubble. Remove from broiler and set aside. Leave beef on the counter for a few minutes before preparing. Mold ground beef into eight patties on a large plate and press the center with thumb to flatten. Generously season each side of the patties with salt and pepper. Set aside.
  2. Mix cheese, mayo and pimentos in a bowl and set aside. Grill or pan fry burgers to desired temperature.
  3. While burgers are cooking, deseed peppers and peel away waxy coating. Slice into strips and set aside. Butter and toast each half of the buns (both the tops and bottoms of buns will serve as platforms for the burgers).
  4. Place cooked burgers on a baking tray and top with pimento cheese mixture. Broil until cheese is melted down the sides of the burger.
  5. While cheese melts, slice avocado into strips (Pro tip: slice avocado in half and remove pit, but do not peel. Using the dull side of a knife, make slits into the avocado half while it is still in its skin. Then use a spoon to scoop out the sliced avocado and it will emerge perfectly sliced and ready to garnish.) Place a single burger with melted cheese atop each of the bun halves.
  6. Garnish with alternating slices of avocado and peppers and serve immediately.