Patriotic Punch

November 16, 2016 By:
5 minutes
1 minute
10 to 12 large glasses
Celebrate the season in style with this stunning red-white-and-blue tribute to the 4th of July. It's refreshing and fun -” what's not to like?


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  1. Fill each glass to the brim with ice.
  2. Pour cranberry juice into each glass; pour very, very slowly until you'™ve filled each glass to a level of approximately 1/3.
  3. Follow with the blue Gatorade - ”again pouring very slowly - approximately another 1/3 of each glass.
  4. Add more ice to each glass if needed.
  5. Fill the remainder of each glass with Sprite.
  6. Top with decorate star-shaped ice cubes (optional). The ice really represents the "œwhite" more than the Sprite; the Sprite adds the fun fizz.
  7. Serve immediately (while the colors are still separated).