Pizza Enchilada

June 13, 2017 By: Comments
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5 minutes
30 minutes
Save yourself the carbs and the time and try these pizza enchiladas the next time you are craving pizza!


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  1. Heat a pan over medium high and add a little bit of olive oil.
  2. Sauté the mushrooms onions and peppers until a bit tender and season them with salt and pepper. Set them aside
  3. Open the jar of tomato sauce and add the Italian seasoning packet and mix thoroughly. Set aside.
  4. Spray a 9 x 13 pan with cooking spray.
  5. Then take one tortilla at a time and place a mozzarella stick inside nestle some peppers and onion mixture next to it and put two or three pepperoni on the mozzarella stick. Roll it up and place them in the pan evenly.
  6. Cover with tomato sauce, sprinkle with Parmesan and Romano cheeses and black olives. Season with a little bit of oregano
  7. Place in the 350° oven for about 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and tomato sauce is bubbling.