Pulled Pork Nachos with Beer Cheese

November 01, 2018 By: Comments
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30 minutes
8 hours
You can go to any sports bar, any restaurant, or wherever you want, but you won't find a nacho recipe as good as this one! I may have created the golden nacho recipe here! I'm dating a nacho man. He orders nachos every time we are out watching football. I'm pretty picky about nachos and I like them to be a certain way. I don't like when they come out with shredded cheese simply melted on top. What is the point of that? I could just sprinkle cheese on my nachos and make them at home in the microwave? I especially don't like dried chicken on my nachos, or chicken on my nachos at all. I was traumatized after biting into a dried out pieces of chicken on a bed of nachos. That ruined it for me. And don't even think about adding olives; that just turns into an obstacle race. It's also annoying when you have to dig around for chips that have traces of meat or cheese on them. You should be able to have cheese and meat on every chip! Now you guys understand my nacho madness and why I never bother to order nachos. To solve my nacho madness, I make them at home. That way I can have them just the way I want. I made the guys some nachos during the championship game. These nachos blew every restaurant out of the water! I also decided to make beer cheese for these nachos instead of cheddar. I tried beer cheese for the first time when I moved down south. At first, I was like "EW, I don't even like beer. Why would I like beer cheese?" Turns out, I loved it. It was nothing like I expected. I tried it for the first time at a local brewery and it was creamy, thick, and had so much flavor. That brewery's beer cheese was the inspiration for my beer cheese recipe and I think mine may have come pretty close! My cheese was made with four different types of cheeses! The only reaction I could get out of my boyfriend was "mmm, mmm, yeah," when he tried these nachos. It's safe to say the nachos were a touch down! The pulled pork was seasoned and cooked for eight hours in my crockpot. It fell right apart, was moist, and had so many sweet and savory flavors. It paired so nicely with the beer cheese. If you are having people over to watch the super bowl, you should definitely make a nacho spread for your guest! They'll go nuts. Plus, this recipe is super easy to make and you can start the night before. You can add fun toppings to the spread like: beans, tomatoes, avocado, shredded lettuce, jalapenos and olives.


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  1. I prepared the pulled pork the night before. It takes about eight hours to slow cook the pork. Add the pork to a crockpot on low heat. Pour in the olive oil and soy sauce. Mix the chicken bouillon and water together. Add the mixture to the crock pot.
  2. Combine the brown sugar, garlic powder, minced onion, paprika, chili powder, italian seasoning, sea salt and pepper together.
  3. Massage the pork with the rub on both sides.
  4. Cook for 7-8 hours on low. Flip the pork over several times to make sure each side cooks evenly.
  5. Use a fork to shred the pork. Place the pork and juices into a container and store it in the fridge until you're ready to make the cheese.
  6. Prepare all the ingredients for the cheese.
  7. Melt milk and butter on medium heat.
  8. Slice the cheese blocks up. You can use a stick of butter to measure the ounces.
  9. Add the cheese to the melted milk and butter. Continue to stir.
  10. Once the cheese has melted, add the cup of beer and stir. Let the cheese cook on low heat for an additional ten minutes and continue to stir.
  11. Heat the pork up by throwing it back into the crockpot for an hour on low heat. You can keep it in the crockpot during the game or add it to a serving dish. You could also mix the cheese and pork together in the crock pot.
  12. In order to get cheese and meat on every bite, you must layer! Add a layer of cheese, cheese and meat. Add another layer of chips, cheese, and meat.
  13. Top with diced jalapenos or other fun toppings! Enjoy!