Roasted Buffalo Chicken Sammies

November 12, 2016 By: Comments
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This might be the best homemade " bar" food you' ll ever make. It' s sporty in that it goes well with your favorite beverage and wakes up the taste buds in the spirit of the game. The Food Lion deli is your source for excellent roasted chicken, made fresh every day, juicy and hot. Best of all, with this dish, you get to boast that these sammies are crafted with your very own homemade Buffalo sauce. Tip: For extra oohs and ahhs, make extra sauce and serve it in little cups for dipping. The sauce congeals because of the butter, so serve quickly.


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  1. Remove poultry from bone and chop into large pieces. Place in a large bowl and mix with chopped parsley. Set aside.
  2. Slice celery into thin strips.
  3. In large pan, heat butter on low heat until melted. Add hot sauce, Chachere'€™s and salt and continue to stir well. Add chopped poultry and parsley to sauce in pan and mix together. Stir until poultry is coated in sauce.
  4. Top bottom of bun with chicken mixture and garnish with celery strips on the sammies and plate. Serve immediately or buns will become soggy from sauce.