Sparkling Peach and White Wine Spritzers

May 13, 2021 By: Comments
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Make the most of peach season with a refreshing summertime drink that’s bubbly and fresh. Perfect for the adults in the family to sip on while on vacation, celebrating a summer holiday or enjoying a backyard barbecue, this drink features fresh lime juice, mint and peaches, as well as white wine and sparkling water. Want to make a kid-friendly version? Use white grape juice in place of wine.


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  1. Add fresh peaches to a large pitcher along with the mint leaves and lime juice. Use a wooden spoon to gently smash the peaches and mint together.
  2. Add the wine and sparkling water to the pitcher and stir to combine.
  3. Place the frozen peach slices in glasses to serve as ice cubes, fill with the spritzer mixture and enjoy.
  4. Recipe Tip: Want to make this recipe even when peaches aren’t in season? Skip the fresh peaches and use frozen instead. Just be sure to thaw half of them for the first step of the recipe.