Strawberry Poppyseed Salad

February 04, 2020 By: Comments
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30 Minutes
0 Minutes
Makes 4-6 Servings.
What's a better Valentine's Day meal than a heart healthy salad? This citrus strawberry avocado salad is topped with a strawberry poppyseed dressing!


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  1. Line a serving dish with the Spring Mix greens, then arrange the orange slices, the avocado slices, the onion slices, the strawberry slices, and the pomegranate seeds on top.
  2. To make the dressing, combine the orange juice and the strawberries in a blender until smooth. Add olive oil, the poppyseeds, the salt, the pepper, and the honey and mix a bit longer until combined.
  3. Drizzle the dressing over the salad and top with crumbled cheese if desired.