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12 hours
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Tiramisu literally means lift me up in Italian. A relatively young dessert, the dessert emerged from Venice in the late 1960s, likely a derivative of the trifle-inspired Zuppa Inglese. A cousin of the Charlotte, the Turin cake and the Bavarese Lombarda, tiramisu has both a short list of original ingredients (ladyfingers, espresso, sugar, egg yolks, mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder) and relatively straight-forward assembly instructions, making it a favorite of home cooks and cookbook authors. Depending on the area where you live, you may have difficulty finding ladyfingers (also called Savoiardi) and/or mascarpone. Any egg foam cookie (such as Stella D' oro) can be used for the ladyfingers. For the mascarpone, cream cheese or ricotta can be substituted.


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  1. In a saucepan, whisk the yolks and ¾ cup white sugar until smooth. Whisk in the milk and set the pan over low to medium heat. Continue to whisk until the mixture comes to a low boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat and pour mixture into a cold separate bowl. Allow to cool completely, cool and refrigerate for at least one hour.
  2. Whip the heavy cream and 1 tablespoon white sugar until stiff peaks. Whisk the mascarpone into the egg yolk mixture.
  3. In a shallow pan, mix the coffee and the rum
  4. To assemble the tiramisu: lightly dip the top of each of the ladyfinger halves into the coffee mixture and lay onto the bottom of a 9 inch by 9 inch pan. Repeat until the bottom is covered with ladyfingers. Cover this with half of the mascarpone mixture and half of the whipped cream. Add a second layer of ladyfingers on top of the cream layer, followed by the remainder of the mascarpone and the remainder of the cream. Dust top with cocoa powder. Cover and refrigerate until set€“ approximately six hours€“ or overnight.