Watermelon Frosé

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Spending time outdoors on a warm summer day? This frosty drink is just what you need to cool off and enjoy your favorite rosé wine in a new way! To make this summer drink recipe, you’ll also need fresh watermelon and lime. That’s it! It’s so simple to make, but be sure to plan ahead, because you have to give the rosé at least 8 hours to freeze in an ice cube tray before you can concoct this tasty beverage. Our Watermelon Frosé is also great to share with a couple of friends at your next small gathering! And if you want to really impress them, coat the rim in sugar by first wetting the rim with water or lime juice, sprinkling granulated sugar on a plate and dipping the glasses. Voila – a sugar rim!


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  1. At least 8 hours before serving, pour the rosé into two ice cube trays and freeze.
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  2. When ready to serve, place watermelon cubes and lime juice into a blender and liquify. Add the frozen wine cubes and blend to a slushy-like consistency. Some varieties of rosé freeze differently, so you may need to add a bit of ice to make it slushier.
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  3. Scoop the frosé into glasses and serve garnished with watermelon or lime wedges.
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