Watermelon Grill

November 26, 2018 By: Comments
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15 minutes
Add to the grilling spirit this Labor Day with a creative twist on a classic fruit salad.


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  1. Cut 3 evenly-spaced holes somewhat smaller than the size of your celery stalk in the bottom of the watermelon.
  2. Slice the watermelon so that the bottom piece is slightly larger than the top piece.
  3. Use a melon baller to hollow out the watermelon bowls. Set aside the scoops of melon for the fruit skewers.
  4. Stick wooden skewers into the top edge of the larger watermelon bowl, pushing them through the other side until they're level with the rind.
  5. Remove 1 of the skewers, and position the blackberries along the bottom of the watermelon to appear as charcoal. Slide the skewer back into position when done.
  6. Cut the wooden skewer ends with wire cutters or kitchen shears to make them level with the rind.
  7. Place 3 celery stalks into the holes on the bottom of the watermelon. For added stability, You can also position the wooden skewers behind the celery stalks for added support
  8. Slide the small chucks of cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, grapes, pineapple and watermelon balls onto skewers to create the fruit kebabs.
  9. Arrange the fruit kebabs on and around the watermelon grill.
  10. Use toothpicks to attach a small piece of cucumber or zucchini to the top of the smaller watermelon bowl in order to create the grill lid. Additional toothpicks can be used to secure the lid and prop it on the side of the watermelon grill.