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Seafood FAQs

What makes Seafood a “good for you” food?

Seafood is a rich source of protein that is naturally low in fat and calories. Lean fish muscle has the same amount of protein by weight as beef or poultry, but with far fewer calories. Seafood is also a great natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Seafood contains all nine essential amino acids our bodies must get from food to be healthy. 


Our Commitment to Sustainable Seafood

To protect our oceans for generations to come, Food Lion offers only responsibly harvested seafood. And now we’ve partnered with the Ocean Disclosure Project to help you answer the question: "Where does my seafood come from?”

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No matter how far inland you live, you'll find fresh seafood for sale at your local Food Lion. Whether you're looking for delicate or meaty, our seafood department has the perfect selection for your favorite seafood recipe or shrimp appetizer. Let our seafood specialists assist you the next time shrimp, tuna, salmon, or catfish is on your grocery list.