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Buying the food you need for your family is easy and convenient when you shop at the Food Lion stores in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, area. We have multiple locations where students, their parents and others who live in the area can pop in and out to get the necessities they need for everyday meals.

This bustling area has multiple nationally renowned universities, loads of cultural activities and many people who work in the famed Research Triangle. Those are just a few reasons Chapel Hill annually makes lists of the best places to live in the country.

While you will see expensive grocery stores in this area, they can't offer the affordable prices and value you find at Food Lion. You can do one-stop shopping at all our stores in the Chapel Hill area, saving you time and money. Whether you want organic produce, household cleaning supplies or the best assortment of name-brand groceries, you will find it at Food Lion. You can also enjoy the benefits of our customer rewards, MVP program and a rotating selection of coupons.

Visit the two Food Lion stores in Chapel Hill to find the perfect balance of exceptional quality and low prices.

Discover Great Ways to Save at Your Chapel Hill Food Lion

We know you love to find new products and time-savers that make your day so much easier, such as food delivery to our Chapel Hill-area residents. In addition to saving you time, we can also save you money. No one wants to spend more than they have to, and Food Lion offers lots of ways to make your dollar stretch farther. Our money-saving opportunities include:

  • Weekly Specials: From seasonal favorites to buy-one-get-one offers, our weekly specials provide deep discounts on the most popular items at our stores.
  • MVP Cards: Our MVP cards provide your pass to savings, giving you even better prices on the food and household staples you purchase every week. Sign up today to take advantage of these deals.
  • MVP Coupon Hub: Cutting, carrying and remembering to bring all your coupons to the store can be challenging. Visit our in-store or online MVP Coupon Hub, where you can send our best deals right to your MVP card for checkout. You can also print them out at home if you prefer.
  • Shop & Earn: Our shoppers average an additional $20 per month savings with our Shop & Earn program.

Find Food Specials to Nourish Your Family at Food Lion in Chapel Hill

With grocery delivery, fresh food, fantastic deals and so much more, Food Lion is your one-stop shopping destination for all the ingredients you need to whip up delicious meals. We have convenient, prepared meals perfect for busy college students, as well as easy-to-make recipe ideas to feed all your loved ones, no matter what their dietary preferences.

Visit a Food Lion in Chapel Hill today. Enter your zip code below to find the location nearest you, as well as to see weekly specials and store hours. You can also give the store a call to discuss any questions you may have. See how easy and affordable it can be to do all your shopping in one place at Food Lion.

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