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Welcome to Food Lion grocery store in Darlington, South Carolina! Whether you're buying food to feed a crowd or are stocking up for the week, Food Lion has the best selection and savings.

When you visit your local Food Lion, you'll find everything on your shopping list. From fresh meats and vegetables to a wide selection of other goods, you have the convenience of picking up quality products to make all kinds of tasty meals and restock other items in your home. There's no longer a need to drive all over town to pick up everything you need!

Some stores will make you compromise on price to get the full selection, but not at Food Lion! We offer great deals on everything that's on your list. When you can save time by only going to one store, you can get back to what's important.

One-Stop Local Shopping

Whether you're only picking up a few items or filling up your cart, you'll find everything on your grocery list at Food Lion. We're the local grocery store that lets you easily access everything you need.

From our bakery to our meat and seafood markets, you will find the ingredients you need to make delicious meals for yourself and your family. When you use quality, fresh food from Food Lion, you'll whip up amazing dishes everyone at your table will love.

Plus, you can't beat the convenience of finding everything you need and more under one roof. When you have to travel to multiple stores to check every item off your list, you're using up valuable time when you could be doing other things. But, when you choose Food Lion as your preferred supermarket, you don't have to travel all over Darlington to get what you need for dinner.

Find the Best Deals in Town

By shopping at Food Lion, you'll find great deals on all of the items that you need. Sign up for our MVP Program, and you'll find additional savings on all kinds of items! Whether you need your usual weekly items or are planning a special occasion, you can find special deals on the things that you need. Signing up and using your MVP card is simple! At checkout, simply scan your card, and you'll receive instant savings.

When you shop at Food Lion, you'll also have access to our weekly coupons. You can print them out or access them online by loading them directly onto your MVP card — whichever is the most convenient for you! Our coupons will help you save on a variety of different items, from your favorite granola bars to the personal hygiene products you need.

Use Our Store Locator Today

At Food Lion, we want to make saving money on groceries simple!

Use our store locator or check out the map below to find the store nearest your home. All you have to do is put in your zip code or city and state, and you'll quickly find the closest Food Lion grocery stores.

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