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Welcome to Food Lion grocery store and in-store bakery in Dover, Delaware. With two locations in the state's capital, you can pick the Food Lion that is closest to your home. With a great selection and amazing savings opportunities, your Dover Food Lion will become your go-to grocery store.

Whether you're trying something new or making your signature dish, planning a special occasion or picking up your typical weekly staples, Food Lion has everything you need at prices you'll love.

Finding a store with the selection you want with the prices you need can be a challenge. Other grocers may make you compromise and choose one or the other, but not Food Lion! We want to be your one-stop grocer to keep you from driving all over town just to find everything on your shopping list. Plus, we want to help you save money on all of the items you need!

Convenient One-Stop Shopping

If you're used to traveling to multiple stores to pick up everything on your list, you know you sometimes have to plan half a day just to get all of your shopping done. When you shop at Food Lion instead, you'll save time and hassle by finding all of those things all in the same place. Our Dover, DE, store includes a deli, bakery and has an excellent selection of health food, too.

When you can pick up everything you need at your local Food Lion, you can get back to what's important much faster. Whether you have a long day of cooking or baking ahead or other things planned, you don't need to worry about spending too much time shopping beforehand.

Find Great Deals

You won't just find a great selection at Food Lion — you'll receive amazing savings, too! When you shop with us, you'll save on the everyday items you need, as well as some special occasion items, too.

Sign up for our MVP Program to enjoy additional savings. Signing up and using your card is easy! Once you sign up, you'll receive a card to scan at checkout that lets you receive instant savings on your purchase. Your MVP card will help you save money on the items you need every day, as well as offering weekly deals on certain products.

Your MVP card can also be used access Food Lion coupons. Browse our coupons online and load them directly onto your card! With your coupons on your MVP card, you don't have to spend time cutting coupons or worry about losing them before you get to the store. But, if you like having physical coupons, you can still print them out at home.

By using your MVP cards and our coupons, you'll enjoy amazing savings at Food Lion every time you come in.

Using Our Store Locator

To find the nearest Food Lion grocery store, use our store locator or check out our map below. Just enter your zip code or city and state, and you'll see all of the nearest stores to your home.

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