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North Carolina's Sunset Beach is a sleepy oceanfront community most of the year, and it comes alive with visitors every summer. Whether you're a local or a guest to our shores, you'll find that there's one thing everyone can agree on — saving money on groceries makes your time at the oceanfront even better. Food Lion provides savings on all the foods and items you need to make your beach getaway a dream. Our affordable groceries allow you to splurge on other things here in Sunset Beach.

Whether you're going to try your hand at some Calabash-style seafood or you're enjoying the fresh seasonal produce, Food Lion has everything you need to make one delicious meal after another. Fill your home, rental or hotel refrigerator with the best food at prices that won't break the bank. We've also expanded our organic section to ensure you get access to healthy and delicious items all year long.

With a Food Lion here in town as well as many others just a short drive away, you're never far from a convenient location. Stock up on sunscreen, beach necessities and all the goodies you need to make your stay in Sunset Beach that much more enjoyable.

More Ways to Save at Food Lion

When you step through our doors, you'll find tons of savings to be had. From our MVP program to our budget-friendly Food Lion brand, the savings never stop with us. Some of the ways we make grocery shopping even more affordable include:

  • MVP card: If you haven't gotten an MVP card yet, what are you waiting for? This customer loyalty card ensures that you get the absolute best price on all the items you love — even name brand goods. You can sign up online or come visit us in-store to learn more.
  • Weekly ads: We publish Sunset Beach sales each week in our savings ad, which you can check out on our website or at your neighborhood store.
  • Coupons: If taking a stack of coupons to the cash register is an unappealing prospect to you, use our coupon hub to fill your MVP card with as many deals as you want. You can also print out paper copies of your coupons if you prefer.
  • Shop & Earn: Personalized rewards each month are yours when you make Food Lion your go-to grocery store here in Sunset Beach. Just Shop & Earn.

Add Some Wow to Your Vacation Menu

There's nothing quite like fresh, seasonal foods to brighten up your beach vacation, and if you're a local, you'll love that we provide an amazing variety all year round. Plus, if you're looking for something new to try — say, for your Fourth of July barbecue or during the winter holidays — our Fresh Ideas page is the perfect place to turn. It's filled with scrumptious recipes, event planning ideas and even tips to use around your home and kitchen.

Find Your Nearest Sunset Beach Food Lion

If you're in need of affordable groceries while you're in Sunset Beach, Food Lion has you covered. Our convenient locations are easy to find — just use the handy map below and click on your nearest store. You can get directions, see store hours and even check out this week's sales ad. We love being your source for incredible savings!

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