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If you hear jets flying overhead, chances are you're in Virginia Beach, VA. This city is home to thousands of Navy families who deserve incredible savings on their grocery bills. Whether you're vacationing at the oceanfront or you're one of the many families who call this city home, Food Lion is here to make sure you get the best savings on food and other necessities. Whether you're stocking your kitchen with staples or indulging in some sweets, you'll find that we carry quality products at prices that won't break the bank.

Some big name supermarkets in the area charge an arm and a leg for the everyday items you need. At Food Lion, we ensure you get the basics at an affordable price. We also carry seasonal produce and an expanded organic section, all with incredible savings that can't be beat. We've been serving the residents and visitors of Virginia Beach for decades, and we're proud to say that we'll be your source of the best deals for years to come.

With more than 20 locations spread throughout Virginia Beach, we make sure you're never far from your neighborhood Food Lion. We invite you to check out our incredible savings and quality products.

Experience the Savings at Food Lion

From vacationers to military moms, everyone loves stretching their grocery budget and saving some dough. Whether you need to stock your shelves or fill your beach rental, we have all the food and essentials you require to make the most of your time in Virginia Beach. Plus, we pair our stock with tons of different ways to save:

  • MVP card: If you haven't heard of the Food Lion MVP card, it's time to sign up online or speak to one of our representatives at any of our locations. This little yellow card is your gateway to saving big on all the items you use every day.
  • Weekly specials ad: There's no need to wonder what's on sale at your local Food Lion. Our weekly specials flyer will clue you in on all the latest deals.
  • MVP coupon hub: If clipping coupons from the Sunday paper is not your idea of fun, it's time to use our coupon hub. Link your MVP card, and load up all the coupons you want. You can also print them out if you like the feel of paper in hand.
  • Shop & Earn program: MVP members get even more advantages at Food Lion. Our Shop & Earn rewards program provides individualized offers each month.

Let Us Help You Try Something New

Each season at Food Lion, our shelves are stocked with the freshest fare, so we have a huge variety of delicious items all year long. Sometimes, it's nice to try out something new. Whether you're looking for an original recipe for the holidays or you've got guests coming by and you need something extra special, our Fresh Ideas page has you covered. From incredible recipes to party planning tips, you'll find it all.

Visit a Nearby Virginia Beach Market

Whether you're in the mood for fresh seafood or warm bread, Food Lion in Virginia Beach has everything you need. Many of our locations even include a pharmacy. To find your nearest location, check out the map below. You can click on a store to find their hours, get directions or see their weekly sales ad. We look forward to seeing you at your neighborhood Food Lion!

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