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Whether you're living it up downtown or you call the 'burbs home, life in Winston-Salem, NC, is sweet. And to make it even better, your neighborhood Food Lion is here to provide great savings on all your favorite foods and products.

Although you may prefer Italian or Chinese, southern cooking is still at the heart of Winston-Salem cuisine. When you're rustling up some grub for your family, you deserve the best quality ingredients at prices that won't break the bank. Food Lion is here to ensure families can afford to make great meals.

Other supermarket chains charge an arm and a leg for healthy eating, but at Food Lion, we provide seasonal produce and an expanded selection of organic products for prices that can't be beat. This setup means moms, students and busy professionals can keep their grocery budget in check.

There are over a dozen Food Lion markets in Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas, so finding a convenient location is never hard. We invite you to come find out what's fresh and affordable at Food Lion.

Food Lion Is Your Gateway to Savings

At Food Lion, we believe in providing an abundance of savings opportunities. That's why we offer everyday low prices, budget-friendly Food Lion brand items and several different programs that make grocery shopping within our walls more affordable. You shouldn't have to spend more just to purchase name brand items. Check out how we're saving you money every day:

  • MVP card: This little card has been in circulation for years, and it's only getting more and more popular. The MVP card gives you great deals on items you love. Plus, it's easy to sign up online and in-store.
  • Weekly ads: If you're not sure what the latest sales are, don't worry. We post an updated flyer every week with all the incredible deals.
  • Coupon hub: No more shuffling coupons in the checkout line. Food Lion's coupon hub lets you load these great deals onto your MVP card or print them out at home.
  • Shop & Earn: As if all that weren't enough, MVP members get amazing, personalized deals every month when they sign up for the Shop & Earn program.

Get Recipes, Plan Parties and More

At Food Lion, we want to be your source for everything you need to plan the perfect meal. Whether you need fresh, seasonal ingredients for your family's Sunday brunch or you're getting ready for a huge holiday extravaganza, we're here to help. When you check out our Fresh Ideas page, you'll see tons of party planning ideas, original recipes and even tips and tricks to use around your home and kitchen.

We Invite You to Visit Food Lion in Winston-Salem

Your neighborhood Food Lion is just around the corner in Winston-Salem. That means great deals, incredible food and even grocery delivery when available. To find your closest location, check out the map below. When you click on a store, you'll see its hours of operation and weekly specials — you can even get directions. Let Food Lion be your source for affordable groceries today!

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